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Yoga for Wellness & Recovery - Individual, Group or Event

Class: focuses on the relationship between mood management and the mind-body connection, sessions offer a combination of breathing, movement, postures, mindfulness and music. Participants will explore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of a yoga practice. Improving the mental, psychological and cognitive well-being in both adults and adolescents, yoga is gaining popularity as part of an effective treatment plan for various conditions and disorders, including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction. All levels are welcome with modifications and guidance being provided to beginners.  

Group: an open self-care recovery discussion followed by a trauma-informed, balanced yoga practice.  Groups are open to all: individuals, families, friends, supporters and clinicians. Combining modern health approaches with yoga's traditional ancient philosophy and healing. Focusing on all components of wellness and recovery: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social. 

Please note: all groups and practices are based upon mental health sensitivity and are trauma-informed. 

Teachings are open to everyone and practice is for all levels; offering options for beginners to regular practitioners.