Yoga and Mindfulness - Clients, Groups & Organizations

  • Mental and Physical Wellness Sessions
  • Mindfulness & Pranayama (breath) Sessions
  • Yoga of Recovery Counsellor
  • Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Group Facilitator
  • All groups and classes incorporate:
    • Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellness
    • Addressing the Mind-Body Connection
    • Mood-Management & Mood Balancing Techniques
    • Tools for Stress, Anxiety, Low-Moods, Depression
    • Modifications for all levels
    • Movement, Music

Yoga & Mindfulness - Special Events and Workshops

  • Wellness Workshops: Presentation, Discussion and Yoga/Mindfulness Sessions
  • Conference Yoga/Mindfulness for Presenters & Delegates - Scheduled Sessions (morning, lunch and/or day end)
  • Mindfulness and Stretch Breaks between Keynote Speakers
  • All events and workshops can include:
    • Wellness Information Exchanges
    • Teachings from Professional Training & Lived Experience
    • Wellness Information Exchanges
    • Community Building and Networking
    • Addiction Recovery Support Information
    • Advocacy and Education

Workplace Wellness - Management and Employees

  • Corporate Yoga -  Sessions, Breakouts, Events
  • Employer and Employee Benefits
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Mindfulness and Breathing Exercises
  • Chair Yoga and Take-Away Tools
  • For Employees and/or Management
  • Customizable and for All Levels

Please contact for information, services, classes, events, partnering and scheduling.  

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