Workplace Wellness


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Stress can negatively impact employee health

  • Stress has been shown to raise blood pressure, increase your blood sugar levels, and increase your risk of heart disease
  • Elevated chronic stress can raise levels of cortisol, a hormone in your body, and this can impair your immune system leading to employees becoming sick more often and their overall health deteriorating

Stress can decrease employee productivity

  • By impairing immune function, stress can lead to employees being sick more often and being unable to come into work
  • Chronic stress and anxiety can affect the ability to think clearly as well as the ability to concentrate on tasks
  • It can lead to irritability, anger and sadness in many people, hindering team dynamics and team cohesion among employees

Stress can lead to mental health issues including anxiety and depression

Although stress may be a common occurrence in many workplaces, managing stress appropriately is key to avoiding many harmful implications associated with stress

  • Yoga and mindfulness are recognized as ideal strategies to reduce stress and improve mental health
  • Research has shown that mind-body interventions significantly reduce stress and can even lead to improved sleep quality
  • Research has also shown that yoga and mindfulness can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression leading to overall better mental health

Research conducted in workplaces has demonstrated that yoga and mindfulness can have multiple benefits:

  • It can lead to improved energy levels and confidence
  • Yoga can also prepare employees to deal with future stressors and thereby increases their ability to concentrate and complete tasks effectively