5 Years Sober

Today I am 5 years sober.  I smile in this photo because I know I am lucky. Even with its anxieties and pain, life is a precious opportunity. The background of my laptop remains unchanged for years now… “She said she couldn’t survive and never realized that’s what she had been doing the entire time.”  These are your roses Roger. I know this photo would have made you smile too.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported ‘Yoga for Wellness & Recovery’ and my vision for EvonneSullivan.com. I am beyond grateful to be able to share my true passion with others: mind-body tools for mental health and addiction recovery.

Much love to my family, friends, friends who became family, my home group, the rooms, recovery yogis everywhere, my long-time psychotherapist the late Neil Campbell, the World Wide Web, Bellwood Health Services, London Health Sciences Centre and my two favourite cities, London and Toronto. I merged together information, resources, places and people to create a custom healing environment. It was not easy or cheap.  

I support and believe in the recovery movement. So we may work towards achieving fear-free and barrier-free access to addiction recovery resources. So the reach for health becomes attainable and not shamed or punished. For the many we’ve lost and to the countless trying to find their way – you deserve compassion, openness and community. Look hard enough and you will find it.