The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

It has been 6 months since I began working with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. I continue to be incredibly grateful for this life-changing opportunity and the ability to teach and connect with wonderful patients and clinicians. As some of struggles I have faced in life are similar to those in treatment, each day is truly special as I am able to share with others a resource that has been fundamental in my own recovery journey.

Many of the patients are trying out yoga for the first time. To hear after class about their experience; that the practice was calming, that their spirits have been uplifted or that they hope to include yoga as part of their ongoing healing…warms my heart every time!

This photo is from the Community Centre on Queen Street., where a large screen display rotates between nature scenes and this image about the Yoga for Wellness & Recovery groups. I was quite taken back when I saw it last month - so very special. Thank you to the CAMH Foundation program Gifts of Light for supporting this initiative. Looking forward to 2019!