Yoga for Fun


When I came into recovery, I started practicing yoga for two reasons, the first I mention a lot - mental health, but the other was because I needed to find healthy activities that I enjoyed…that made me feel free. As a child I was a gymnast, so the transition to yoga was quite natural.

However, yoga is accessible to all. Various postures, movements or breathwork can be fun and relaxing for most people, experience or not. Often it only takes a few times of practicing to learn new postures and modifications are offered for differing levels. I recently started teaching for youth again and this posture, shoulderstand, seems to be one of the favourites!

Benefits of Shoulderstand (sarvangasana)
~ Increases strength & flexibility
~ Soothes nervous system (reduces anxiety)
~ Aids in restful sleep
~ Strengthens heart & respiratory system (cardiovascular fitness)
~ Supports thyroid health
~ Improves digestion
~ Strengthens immune system
~ Reduces headaches & nasal congestions (common cold)
~ Relaxes the mind
~ Helps with leg pain or swollen legs
~ Circulation to upper body & brain
~ Energizes & reduces fatigue
~ Increases self-confidence

*Please note this posture may not be safe for all, here are a couple resources for further information: 
7 Benefits of Shoulderstand, How to Do Supported Shoulderstand Pose