International Youth Day

It’s International Youth Day! Thought I’d share a photo from the Concurrent Youth Unit at the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health. An inpatient treatment service dedicated to the clinical care of youth, ages 14 to 18 years, with "concurrent disorders": a moderate to severe addiction to substances and accompanying mental health challenges. In this enclosed patio, overlooking the CN Tower, each week we practice trauma-informed yoga.

Below is a list of 23 benefits of yoga that can assist teenagers and youth in everyday life, during stressful adolescent times and for improved mental wellness.

  1. Improves energy levels & moods

  2. Reduces anxiety, tension & stress

  3. Provides calmness & relaxation 

  4. Reduces depression & fatigue

  5. Reduces anger & frustration 

  6. Improves emotional awareness & regulation

  7. Improves body awareness & body image

  8. Promotes self-care & self-respect

  9. Creates empathy & compassion 

  10. Improves outlook on life & optimism

  11. Promotes self-esteem, self-confidence & empowerment

  12. Develops discipline & self-regulation

  13. Reduces cravings & addictive behaviours

  14. Provides an activity away from technology: social media, internet, gaming

  15. Creates an understanding of the mind-body connection

  16. Improves fitness & physical health (including flexibility, strength & posture)

  17. Improves breathing (for physical & emotional well-being)

  18. Teaches components of meditation & mindfulness

  19. Improves attention, focus & concentration 

  20. Improves cognitive functioning  

  21. Improves academic performance

  22. Builds support & community 

  23. Fun!

Click here for more information on the Concurrent Youth Unit program at CAMH. Click here for an article from Psychology Today on the benefits of yoga for youth.