Bahamas Bound & Health4U

First official blog post!

From April 10th to 24th, I will be in the Bahamas at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat to obtain my Yoga of Recovery Certification, as well as attend a Recovery Symposium. Looking forward to learning new skills and techniques to bring back to my classes and teachings. These 2.5 weeks will be challenging but no-doubt an exciting experience full of personal and professional growth.

Common question...What is an Ashram? So here you go! Yogapedia Definition

I will indeed have access to technology (although intermittently), so will be checking in. For updates on which classes are running vs. on hold please visit:

A couple weeks ago I had a lovely time sitting down with Marcus Wong and Jennie Malone discussing The Health Benefits of Yoga: Mental, Physical and Recovery! Health4U - Episode 9: Yoga.  Listen here!  “health from all different angles and perspectives”. Radio Western 94.9 FM CHRW at The University of Western Ontario.

Namaste Friends!  Sending love and light.