Choices & Change

I have been thinking a lot about choices lately. The last few weeks have been quite busy and without realizing it, I lost my ‘creative’ time. The key for me is to recognize idiosyncrasies in my mood and then evaluate what is missing or needs to be changed. So last week I made some alterations in my schedule and almost immediately the heaviness in my shoulders lessened and I became inspired again!

Took this photo a few weeks ago in West Toronto on my way to Marilyn Bell Park to practice some yoga by the water. It was a beautiful evening and this image captures how life can get away from you. What is important for me at these times is awareness plus the ability or willingness to make choices for change. Perhaps take a few moments without distraction and just breathe. Check in with your physical body and emotions to take notice of how you are really feeling about a situation or decision. Always remember that asking for help or talking with others can also be a great means of support. 

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